Quality Signs Handmade

Finding the perfect sign for your business does not have to include a trip down to the local mass-sign store. Why not stand out from the rest and have a unique sign that looks like it genuinely belongs in the community?

At Primitive This & That, we are dedicated to providing homes and businesses within 50 miles of Horseheads, NY, with unique Amish crafted signs that are guaranteed to make an impression with everyone that sees them.

What We Do

We craft our custom order signs using a variety of techniques and materials. Here are some of the signs we provide:

  • Engraved Painted Signs
  • Metal Signs
  • Wood Signs

Unique Every Time

There is no such thing as mass production when it comes to Amish developed products. Everything is made by hand, with no detail going without notice before the well-trained and experienced hands of the craftsman.

The signs produced resemble those you would have found a century ago, and fit in perfectly with what people look for when trying to find businesses that have become a true part of the community. We guarantee that each sign will stand the test of time, and will always be unique.

Contact us to discover your next piece of Amish furniture. Call us at 607-215-0744.